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How to add a reading list in your Moodle course page

This guide describes and illustrates how to set up and embed a reading list in your Moodle course page so that students on your course can easily find and access direct links to assigned readings

Reading list software

Curriculum Builder: Reading list software by EBSCO

MIE Search: Reading Lists (powered by Curriculum Builder) enables you to bring the world of quality databases, ebooks, and other digital resources from the library’s discovery system easily and directly into the online learning environment.

Here’s how it works:

  • Search your library’s content from within Moodle
  • Simply click “Add to Reading List” and your selections are saved
  • Annotate reading list items and copy other reading lists created at MIE

Students will be able to access course readings directly from Moodle without logging in to online journals and other e-resources, and you can update the list quickly and easily (from within Moodle) as necessary.

Get full instructions and a video below:

How to embed a reading list in Moodle course page VIDEO

How to embed a reading list in Moodle course page Step-by-step instructions

  • Log into Moodle with network username & password
  • Choose the course page you want to embed a reading list in
  • Turn editing on
  • ‘Add an activity or resource’ to the Moodle block you want to embed the reading list in
  • Select ‘external tool’ from the list of activities
  • Give your reading list a name
  • From the ‘preconfigured tool’ drop-down menu select ‘MIESearch: Reading Lists’
  • Click on ‘Show more’ to expand the form
  • Add a description of the reading list if you wish and choose whether this displays on the course page underneath
  • Save and display. That’s how to set up your reading list. The next step is populating your reading list with content.
  • You should now see a searchbox for MIESearch. This is the Library’s combined catalogue which searches across the print book Catalogue, academic databases, and several good-quality open access resources such as the Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • You can now search for the title you wish to add to the reading list.
  • Select  the 'Add to reading list' button underneath the title.
  • At any time you can See Current Reading List at the top of the page
  • You can also Add Folder, Add Text or Instructions, or Add Web Resources such as useful websites
  • You can also annotate each item on your list or give specific instructions on what students should read from each text

If at any time you need help with building your reading lists, get in touch with

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