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MIE Collections & Resources

This guide explains the collection and resource types held by MIE Library, including theses, long-loan items, short-loan items, desk-reserve items, print collections and online resources.

What is an academic journal?

Academic Journals publish articles which carry footnotes and bibliographies, and whose intended audience is comprised of some kind of research community.

It is a broad classification that includes both "peer-reviewed" journals as well as journals that are not "peer-reviewed" but intended for an academic audience.


Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Journals are intended for an academic audience and are peer-reviewed, which means articles have been through a rigorous editorial process (vetted by experts in the field) before being published. 


Find out more about (Scholarly) Peer Reviewed publications

Finding Peer-reviewed articles online

You can find peer-reviewed articles in two ways online:

In MIESearch there will be a limiter that can be set to appear on the search screen:


Using a command line search, you can locate peer-reviewed articles. To search for peer-reviewed journals only, attach and RV Y to the end of your search. 

Example: bilingual education AND RV Y

(From EBSCO page: What is the difference between Academic Journals and (Scholarly) Peer Reviewed Journals?)

Search for academic journals by title (online)

Search for a particular journal by title or browse them by subject at the following link:

If you have electronic access to a particular journal you will find it here. Click on 'Full-text access' to see which years you can get access to. You will need to log in with your network (Moodle) username and password to access the full-text of eJournals that the Library subscribes to.

Components of an academic journal article

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