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MIE Collections & Resources

This guide explains the collection and resource types held by MIE Library, including theses, long-loan items, short-loan items, desk-reserve items, print collections and online resources.

Consulting print theses in the Library

All postgraduate MIE students are required to submit one copy of their thesis for the Library - please note that only a selection are available for consultation. The Library also holds a collection of donated theses, the research for which was conducted elsewhere. You can ask at the Library desk to see our Thesis Index or see below for lists of theses held by the Library - click on the title to see an abstract/summary (where available). You can consult up to two theses at a time for up to two hours, and they are issued onto your Student/Staff card. You must sign the copyright form inside the cover and may not photocopy from the thesis. Normal Irish copyright legislation applies. 

Online thesis portals are listed below where you can sometimes access full-text theses from other institutions. 


Print theses in MIE Library

Masters in Inquiry-Based Learning

Bedford, Alan (2020)

What Can be Learned from a Local Stream? Can using Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) in a school's local outdoor environment have an impact on young learners' motivation, engagement and disposition towards learning?

Shelfmark: THE 426/BED

Mc Kenna, Hannah (2020)

A Case Study Examining the Skills and Dispositions that are Developed in a Unit of Inquiry as Students and Teacher Adopt an Inquiry Stance to Learning in a Mainstream Primary Classroom

Shelfmark: THE 434/MC

Nolan, Ailbhe (2020)

Empowering Children Through Inquiry

Shelfmark: THE 425/NOL

Rice, Edna Marelle (2020)

How Does Irish Teachers' Understanding and Lived Experience of IBL Impact Their Teaching Practice?

Shelfmark: THE 433/RIC

Masters in Visual Arts

Kelleghan, Laura (2020)

To Screen or Not to Screen? Exploring Primary School Children's Perspectives on the use of Green Screen Technology when Looking at and Responding to Visual Arts.

Shelfmark: THE 435/KEL

Lawrence, Amy (2020)

How are Irish Primary Teachers using Social Media to Influence their Visual Arts Teaching Practice?

Shelfmark: THE 427/LAW

Sheehan, Dawn (2020)

The Opportunities of an Irish Primary School to Utilise a Per Cent for Art, Contemporary Artwork in Reforming Looking and Responding Practice

Shelfmark: THE 432/SHE

Skelly, Louise (2020)

Examining the Use of Outdoor Learning for Visual Arts Education in the Irish Primary School

Shelfmark: THE 436/SKE

Masters in Christian Leadership in Education

Raftery, Marie (2016)

The perceptions of forgiveness among sixteen primary school children in second class

Shelfmark: THE 324/RAF

Doyle Bradley, Natalie (2020)

An Exploration of the Association of Religious Faith in Coping with Work-related Stress Among Special Education Teachers in Ireland.

Shelfmark: THE 437/DOY

Guilfoyle, Ceithre (2020)

Catholic Female Religious Orders' Legacy of Leadership in Irish Post-Primary Education.

Shelfmark: THE 429/GUI

Lennon, Clodagh (2020)

Reinventing or Rediscovering Ethos? Teachers' Perceptions of Fostering a Lived School Ethos in a Voluntary Catholic Post-Primary School in Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 431/LEN

Shaw, Catherine (2020)

Exploring Educational Leadership and the Creation of a Culture of Care for Post-Primary Teachers in the Republic of Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 428/SHA

Woods, Claire (2020)

Recognised, Accepted, Celebrated? Exploring Students' Experiences of the Inclusion of their Religion or Belief System in a Catholic Post-Primary School in Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 430/WOO


Masters in Early Childhood Education

Arigho, Louise (2017)

Philosophy with Children. How does the practice of philosophy nurture a young child’s natural ability to think philosophically and encourage him/her to participate in a democratic community of enquiry?

Shelfmark: THE 342/ARI

Bambrick, Caitriona (2019)

An investigation into the view of immigrant parents in relation to the promotion of cultural diversity in a multicultural, Urban Primary School in Ireland.

Shelfmark: THE 414/BAM

Brazel, Danielle (2018)

Educators’ perspectives of the processes of communication between preschool and primary school sectors

Shelfmark: THE 384/BRA

Byrne, Mella (2017)

Is there space in Irish early years education and care for an outdoor classroom? Perspectives

from practitioners and parents.

Shelfmark: THE 346/BYR

Colfer, Fiona (2019)

Exploring Children's oral language use diuring soiciodramtaic play in junior infant classroom.

Shelfmark: THE 409/COL

Crossan, Kate (2016)

Teachers’s perspectives on the relative impact of the mismatch of language between home and school on academic attainment and motivation for learning.

Shelfmark: THE 273/CRO

Curtin, Ria (2018)

The professional identity of junior infant teachers in a sample of vertical primary schools

Shelfmark: THE 380/CUR

Donnelly, Ann (2019)

What are the challenges for Early Childhood Education and Care practitioners when educating and caring for children who are living in Direct Provision?

Shelfmark: THE 393/DON

Doyle, Katie (2019)

Considering early intervention in ameliorating reading difficulties.

Shelfmark: THE 410/DOY

Dunphy, Elaine (2019)

An investigation into the role of a childrens' rights education program in a diverse, urban, DEIS school, focusing on an Intercultural perspective. Is it a good fit? An action- research and self-reflective study.

Shelfmark: THE 412/DUN

Emerson, Yvonne (2016)

A case study examining the use of inquiry based learning as a model of support to aid the integration of Aistear and the primary school curriculum in a mainstream class

Shelfmark: THE 274/EME

Gilpin, Jayne (2018)

Can the Montessori curriculum be integrated with Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and delivered as one unified curriculum

Shelfmark: THE 387/GIL

Harkin, Kerry (2019)

Parents’ and their Children’s Perspectives on Emergent Writing 

Shelfmark: THE 394/HAR

Heffernan, Jane (2018)

“Unconditional Giving” An exploration of the experiences of those involved in the governance of those involved in the governance of Irish community ECEC services 

Shelfmark: THE 385/HEF

Hodgkinson, Jane (2016)

Philosophy for children through the stimulus of picturebooks in the infant classroom.

Shelfmark: THE 279/HOD

Hogan, Jennifer (2020)

A Broken Start? An Examination of the Impact of Chronic Illness and Hospitalisation on the Early Childhood Care and Education Careers of Children Attending Hospital Schools in Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 415/HOG

Hollingsworth, Jennifer (2016)

Irish Junior and Senior Infant teachers’ views towards the implementation of Aistear: The early childhood curriculum framework in tandem with the primary school curriculum.

Shelfmark: THE 278/HOL

Hurley, Padraig (2016)

The male experience in the infant classrooms

Shelfmark: THE 275/HUR

Kavanagh, Aoife (2020)

A Play-Based Learning Approach to Teaching the Writing Outcomes of the 2019 Primary Language Curriculum in a Junior Infant Classroom

Shelfmark: THE 416/KAV

Kinsella, Gráinne (2017)

Supporting the development of critical thinking skills through the medium of Irish: Can this development occur and how does this development take place?

Shelfmark: THE 338/KIN

Kitson, Aoife (2020)

Parents Opinions on How Parents and Schools Can Work Together in Order to Improve Oral Language Development For Their Children

Shelfmark: THE 417/KIT

Leopold, Ruth (2020)

An Exploration into the Attitudes and Experiences of Montessori Trained Practitioners on the Implementation of Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework in Early Years Classrooms

Shelfmark: THE 418/LEO

Lundy, Kathryn (2019)

Can the dialogic story reading approach enhance language, communication and relationships’ in children with autism?

Shelfmark: THE 392/LUN

McClafferty, Daríona (2020)

The Perception of Cross Sectoral Early Years Educators on Their Role in Developing the Voice and Agency of 3-7 Year Olds with Specific Regard to Minority Children

Shelfmark: THE 419/MCC

McConnell, Casey (2016)

Teachers’ perceptions of play based learning in Irish infant classrooms.

Shelfmark: THE 276/MCC

McDermott, Katie (2020)

Infant Teachers' Perceptions of Parental Involvement in DEIS Schools

Shelfmark: THE 420/MCD

McGreal, Joan (2019)

Exploratory Investigation into Parental Perceptions of Learning through Participation in an Early Childhood Music Class (A Qualitative Case Study)

Shelfmark: THE 395/McG

Malone, Tara (2019)

Culturally relevant pedagogy and multi-belief learning: exploring students' experiences of and perspectives on the family project in the GMGY curriculum.

Shelfmark: THE 411/MAL

Mannion, Gillian (2019)

An Investigation into the Attitudes and Perceived Needs of the Early Learning and Care Profession in Relation to Continuous Professional Development

Shelfmark: THE 396/MAN

Mulhern, Faye (2017)

Investigating the role or roles of a teacher during sociodramatic play to facilitate learning through play

Shelfmark: THE 337/MUL

Mullen, Christine (2017)

Parental experiences of transformative dialogic reading practice in the home environment

Shelfmark: THE 354/MUL

Nally, Máiréad (2017)

Inquiry and habits of mind in early years’ education: The inquiry cycle as a tool for planning, implementing and assessing inquiry

Shelfmark: THE 343/NAL

Neilly, Madeleine Nadine (2019)

ECEC Teachers’ Perspectives on EAL Support for Minority Language Children in Northern Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 397/NEI

Ní  Chomhraí, Aoileann (2016)

A powerful hour! The effects of a reading recovery inspired intervention on children’s literacy and oral language skills.

Shelfmark: THE 286/NIC

Nolan, Fiona (2019)

The impact of the implementation of the yellow flag programme on teachers and students in a multicultural primary school.

Shelfmark: THE 413/NOL

Nulty, Alison (2020)

To What Extent Can Parent and Teacher Collaboration in a DEIS Setting Impact on the Shared Reading Experience in the Home with Young Children?

Shelfmark: THE 421/NUL

O’Brien, Aisling (2018)

A case study into Junior school teachers’ perspectives on wellbeing

Shelfmark: THE 382/OBR

O'Mahony, Helen (2020)

What are Junior Infant Teachers' and Early Years Educators Opinions about Informal and Formal Learning and the Acquisition of Academic Skills for 4/5 Year Olds in the Final Year of Pre-School?

Shelfmark: THE 422/OMA

O’Meara, Deirdre (2016)

A case study into the Wellbeing practices and perspectives of teachers in a North Dublin DEIS School.

Shelfmark: THE 287/OME

O'Neill, Eva (2020)

"Teacher, is this a book about real things?" Implementing an Intervention Designed to Teach Unconstrained Literacy Skills Using a Dialogic Reading Approach to Non-Fiction Texts

Shelfmark: THE 423/ONE

O’Reilly, Áine (2016)

Can Inquiry based learning support and enhance the mathematical collaboration, communication and dispositions in an early childhood classroom?

Shelfmark: THE 272/ORE

O’Reilly, Grace (2016)

Parents’ perspectives on dialogic reading practices before and after an intervention based upon dialogic reading

Shelfmark: THE 277/ORE

Parkes, Joanna (2018)

‘If you’re happy and you know it’ – Supporting children’s emotional development through drama, story and play

Shelfmark: THE 388/PAR

Phelan, Caitriona (2017)

Can parents’ implementation of a structured repeated reading programme with their children enable them to feel more confident in supporting their children’s reading at home and do they observe an increase in the amount of Irish they speak with their child while engaged in the repeated reading programme.

Shelfmark: THE 341/PHE

Ring, Clare (2018)

It’s Child’s Play: Parental beliefs regarding the educational benefits of play in the context of primary schooling

Shelfmark: THE 383/RIN

Roe, Joanne (2018)

A case study exploration of the connection between child observation and curriculum planning for individual children’s interests and learning progression in Early Years settings

Shelfmark: THE 386/ROE

Russell, Marie (2016)

An inquiry into quality in early childhood care and education provision in Ireland through the implementation of Síolta and Aistear.

Shelfmark: THE 271/RUS

Sharkey, Elaine (2020)

"This is a business.....It's not a one-to-one" Exploring early years educators' psychological and financial well-being in non-profit and for-profit early years settings in Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 424/SHA

Sheridan, Ellen (2017)

Are schools ready? An examination of perceptions and practice at school level in the transition from pre-school to primary school

Shelfmark: THE 340/SHE

Vasileva, Vasilena Tsankova (2017)

Preschool children’s self-regulation during activities in a supplemented Montessori setting 

Shelfmark: THE 339/VAS


Professional Masters in Education

Barry, Jennifer (2017)

Scratching the surface – the early experiences of introducing children to code in one primary school setting

Shelfmark: THE 352/BAR

Bree, Catherine M (2018)

Time to breathe: An investigation of teachers’ experiences of mindfulness in the classroom.

Shelfmark: THE 374/BRE

Brennan, Aisling (2018)

An investigation into changes in diet quality as children progress from primary school to secondary school and its implications in an educational context.

Shelfmark: THE 378/BRE

Danaher, Orla (2019)

An Investigation into Irish Primary Teachers' Perceptions of Mindfulness

Shelfmark: THE 405 DAN

Doherty, Fergal (2019)

A study of the attitudes of fourth and fifth class pupils in one school towards mathematical problem- solving.

Shelfmark: THE 402 DOH

Dunne, Sonja (2016)

The teacher-artist partnership: Does the presence/absence of an external drama specialist affect the confidence levels of Irish primary teachers implementing the drama curriculum.

Shelfmark: THE 268, THE 269

Egan, Orlaith (2016)

The experiences of a selection of lesbian and gay primary school teachers in Ireland

Shelfmark: THE 270/EGA

Finnerty, Pearse (2017)

The role of the Home School Community Liaison Programme in supporting the culturally specific needs of members of the Travelling Community.

Shelfmark: THE 353/FIN

Fitzpatrick, Gillian (2018)

An investigation into the effects of a mindfulness-based meditation activity for reducing worry levels of female students in a DEIS Band 2 primary school.

Shelfmark: THE 379/FIT

Garry, Roisín (2018)

An investigation into the articles and opinions of girls in 5th and 6th class on the Selfie

Shelfmark: THE 371/GAR

Gilboy, Ashling (2018)

An investigation into the attitudes of parents and teachers towards homework at primary school level.

Shelfmark: THE 376/GIL

Healy, Janette  (2019)

A snapshot of parental involvement with homework and resultant parental perspectives on its value efficacy within the home.

Shelfmark: THE 403 HEA

Lawler, Róisín (2019)

A study to investigate teachers' practices towards creating an inclusive classroom for children with special education needs in mainstream schools.

Shelfmark: THE 401 LAW

Mac Gearailt, Darren (2017)

An investigation into the self-efficacy beliefs of primary school teachers and student-teachers

Shelfmark: THE 334/MAC

McCarthy, Caoimhe (2018)

The prevalence of childhood obesity as perceived by primary school teachers, and their attitudes towards the role of the school in obesity prevention.

Shelfmark: THE 372/McC

McGinn, Saoirse (2018)

An exploratory study of infant teachers’ experiences with Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework.

Shelfmark: THE 369/MCG

McKervey, Abbey (2019)

An investigation into teachers' perspectives on the use of ability grouping in mathematics teaching and learning in the irish primary school.

Shelfmark: THE 404 MCK

Máirtin, Cliona (2019)

Comparáid idir na Dearthai atá Leanaí i nGaelscoil and i Scoileanna Gaeltachta i leith na Gaelige agus madir le húsáid na Gaelige acu.

Shelfmark: THE 400MÁI

Naughter, Tara (2018)

Teachers’ preparedness for supporting children with mental health problems in their classrooms.

Shelfmark: THE 373/NAU

Natin, Carine (2017)

An exploration of masculinities in levelled texts

Shelfmark: THE 349/NAT

Ní Mhurcú, Niamh (2017)

Children’s attitudes towards the Irish language: A study of fifth and sixth class students in an English-medium primary school

Shelfmark: THE 351/Ni M

Nolan, Clíodhna (2018)

English in Gaelscoileanna: How does school type impact on English writing performance?

Shelfmark: THE 370/NOL

O’Brien, Clara (2018)

An investigation into the ways in which a teacher might support a young EAL learner’s language development in play-based contexts.

Shelfmark: THE 368/OBR

O' Donnell, Ciara (2019)

New entrant primary teachers' perceptions of teacher trade unions.

Shelfmark: THE 407 ODO

O’Hara, Niamh Amy (2018)

An explanation of how female characters are portrayed in levelled texts.

Shelfmark: THE 377/OHA

O’Malley, Lorna (2016)

The experiences and attitudes of language support teachers of Irish primary school children whose home language is not English.

Shelfmark: THE 267

O' Sullivan, Kerrie (2019)

A Study of the Inclusion of Mindful Eating Practices into Irish Primary School Lunch Breaks.

Shelfmark: THE 406 OSU

Reilly, Sara (2018)

A small number of student teachers reflect on the role of religion in schooling.

Shelfmark: THE 366/REI

Robinson, Ciara (2018)

Investigating the role of whole-school input on children’s knowledge and selection of healthy foods

Shelfmark: THE 367/ROB

Smyth, Róisin (2017)

What are the views of teachers on the mainstreaming of children with special educational needs? 

Shelfmark: THE 350/SMY

Sutton, Rebecca (2018)

The challenges of teaching world belief systems in an Educate Together School setting: A case study.

Shelfmark: THE 375/SUT

Tierney, Colm (2016)

Parental attitudes to mathematics and how these attitudes influence their children.

Shelfmark: THE 357/TIE

Walsh, Jessica (2019)

Special Needs Assistant' Views on Their Role in Supporting the Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in the Mainstream Classroom.

Shelfmark: THE 408 WAL


Masters in Intercultural Education

Boucau, Salvador (2016)

Educating for global citizenship: An action research study of Edmund Rice Education beyond borders

Shelfmark: THE 265/BOU

Carney, Emer (2014)

Investigating the development of academic language proficiency in a multi-lingual classroom

Shelfmark: THE 218/CAR

Carr, Sinéad (2017)

An investigation into the impact of the phasing out of the resource teacher for travellers in three schools in the west of Ireland: views of teachers and travellers

Shelfmark: THE 348/CAR

Cleary, Maria (2018)

Teaching language strategies in the mainstream post-primary classroom – a community of practice initiating change through collaboration

Shelfmark: THE 370/CLE

Conboy, Seamus (2015)

The question of religious/belief diversity in Irish multidenominational primary schools: teachers’ perspectives

Shelfmark: THE 222/CON

Cullivan, Lorraine (2014)

An investigation into how a teacher can utilise first languages in the teaching and learning of mathematics

Shelfmark: THE 214/CUL

D’Arcy, Celine T. (2018)

The voices of parents from ethnic minorities on their partnership with parents experiences with Irish primary schools

Shelfmark: THE 390/DAR

Devlin, Sean (2017)

Developing academic language in classrooms with high EAL populations. An action research study into content and language integrated learning in a Dublin primary school.

Shelfmark: THE 347/DEV

Doyle, Caroline (2014)

The recognition of pupils’ languages in the school setting- exploration leading to empowerment and equality pupils voicing opinions and enacting change

Shelfmark: THE 211/DOY

Fitzsimons, Paula (2017)

A critical analysis of standardised testing of minority language children

Shelfmark: THE 336/FITZ

Haverty, Elaine (2015)

The role of teacher identity in the culturally diverse classroom

Shelfmark: THE 224/HAV

Hogan, Olive (2015)

An investigation into the influence of assistencialism on students’ perceptions and attitudes to diversity in local and global contexts

Shelfmark: THE 221/HOG

Hughes, Jessica (2014)

Does a student council promote voice and participation in an ethnically diverse Irish primary school? A case study

Shelfmark: THE 215/HUG

Jacob, Joshua (2017)

Exploring the capacity of human rights based actions in cultivating intercultural values in the Irish primary school.

Shelfmark: THE 344/JAC

Kennedy, Darach (2015)

The attitudes of Irish primary school teachers towards the first language maintenance and development of minority language learners

Shelfmark: THE 225/KEN

McArdle, Fiona J. (2016)

The complexity of provision for opting out of the sacraments in a denominational school.

Shelfmark: THE 264/MCA

Murphy, Paula (2014)

Hard to reach parents or hard to reach schools? A case study of ethnic minority parental involvement in an educate together national school

Shelfmark: THE 216/MUR

O’Connor, Carmel (2016)

The experiences of education professional teaching English as an Additional Language Learners (EAL) with, or suspected of having a special educational need (SEN): A comparative study between Ireland and England.

Shelfmark: THE 261/OCO

O’Keeffe, Anne Marie (2017)

Implementing the primary language curriculum, in a multilingual infant classroom

Shelfmark: THE 335/OKE

O’ Shaughnessy, Laura (2014)

Collaborative teaching: examining pedagogy to accelerate academic language learning in an intercultural class setting

Shelfmark: THE 212/OSH

O’Sullivan, Johanne (2014)

An examination of the experiences of recent immigrant parents in navigating their way through the Irish education system and their engagement with government services

Shelfmark: THE220/OSU

Reilly, Lisa-Marie (2014)

Teacher’s perceptions of the role of first language in the education of minority language children, within the context of an Irish primary school experiencing great linguistic diversity

Shelfmark: THE 213/REI

Rothen, María Florencia Sala (2018)

Minority ethnic students’ experiences and perspectives on teacher diversity

Shelfmark: THE 358/ROT

Rouse, Simon (2018)

The experience of heritage language families in Irish primary schools

Shelfmark: THE 389/ROU

Scully, Aoife (2017)

An examination into the development of the one multi-ethnic primary school in a large urban are with a rich supply of primary schools.

Shelfmark: THE 345/SCU

Tully, Wendy (2016)

Transition experiences of children from ethnic minority backgrounds from early years services (EYS) into primary school.

Shelfmark: THE 262/TUL

Whelan, Mary (2016)

The attitude of ethnic minority children towards the Irish language in post-primary schools in Ireland.

Shelfmark: THE 260/WHE

Whiston, Lisa Marie (2014)

An investigation into the role of the complementary schools in the Irish education system: a case study.

Shelfmark: THE 210/WIS

Young, Jennifer (2014)

The attitudes of Irish primary school teachers towards the value of first language recognition in the Irish primary school
Shelfmark: THE 217/YOU

MIE Staff Theses held by the Library

Kiely, Joan (D.Ed., 2017)

An internal process evaluation of the storytime project: a parental dialogic story-reading programme

Shelfmark: THE 333

Mehigan, Eugene (Ph.D., 2016)

Effects of fluency oriented instruction on reading achievement and motivated among struggling readers in first class in Irish primary schools

Shelfmark: THE 332

O'Connell, John Gerard (D.Ed., 2014)

The significance of a pre-service RE course, which recognizes the importance of a focus on the inner life: Exploring the experience of primary teacher education students in a small teacher education college in Dublin

Shelfmark: THE 323

O’Gara, Anne (Ph.D., 2005)

Perspectives on consultation with the parents in the development of the school plan

Shelfmark: THE 230/OGA

O’Sullivan, Jennifer (Ph.D., 2019)

A Sound Beginning for Reading: The impact of a phonological awareness programme on junior infant children attending a DEIS urban Band 1 school

Shelfmark: THE 398/O’S

O’Toole, Leah (Ph.D., 2016)

A bioecological perspective on educational transition: Experiences of children, parents and teachers. Volume 1 of 2

Shelfmark: THE 233/OTO

A bioecological perspective on educational transition: Experiences of children, parents and teachers. Volume 2 of 2

Shelfmark: THE 234/OTO

Ui Choistealbha, Julie (D.Ed., 2012)

The Irish language in the 21st century primary school. Perceptions of teachers and children: indications for a new strategy

Shelfmark: THE 229/UIC

Slevin, Mary Patricia (D.Ed., 2013)

The DEIS placement. Student teachers’ perceptions of educational disadvantage

Shelfmark: THE 231/SLE

Mullally, Aiveen (EdD., 2018)

‘We are Inclusive but are we being Equal?’ Challenges to Community National Schools Regarding Religious Diversity.

Shelfmark: THE 355/MULL


Theses in Curriculum Rooom (non-MIE Theses)

Bennett, Brigid (M.St., 2009)

Parental involvement in the managerial aspects of an Irish post-primary school: a case study

Shelfmark: THE136/BEN

Berry, Eimear (M.Sc., 2003)

At the chalk-face of child protection: how teachers view their role in relation to child protection

Shelfmark: THE006/BER

Blake, Donal (M.Ed., 1977)

The Christian Brothers and education in 19th century Ireland

Shelfmark: THE122/BLA

Bleach, Margaret Josephine (M.St., 2002)

The use of release days by teaching principals

Shelfmark: THE127/BLE

Boyle, Thomas (M.St., 1997)

Discipline as a learning process for pupils

Shelfmark: THE134/BOY

Brady, Elizabeth (M.St., 1999)

Collaboration and collegiality in rural schools

Shelfmark: THE003/BRA

Buckley, Margaret (M.Ed., 2006)

In-school management in primary schools in a midland county: the perspectives of principals
Shelfmark: THE137/BUC

Burke, Mairéad (M.Ed., 1996)

Attitudes and perceived influence of elected parent representatives on Primary School boards of management: a case study

Shelfmark : THE106/BUR

Cannon, Helen (Ph.D., 2006)

Promoting ‘lifetime writers’ in primary classrooms: an analysis of the Pushkin model 1999-2002 (vol I)

Shelfmark: THE025/CAN

Cannon, Helen (Ph.D., 2006)

Promoting ‘lifetime writers’ in primary classrooms: an analysis of the Pushkin model 1999-2002 (vol II)

Shelfmark: THE026/CAN

Cavanagh, Monica (M.A., 1994)

A study of the ecclesiology underlying the programmes: “Diploma in Family Studies” (Marino Institute, Dublin) and “Preparing for lay ministry” (All Hallows College, Dublin)

Shelfmark: THE052/CAV

Cadogan, Neil (M.St., 1997)

A critical incident study of the role and function of Vice Principals and postholders in Primary Schools

Shelfmark: THE101/CAD

Condron, Daniel (M.Ed., 1998)

To design, test and develop a model of action planning

Shelfmark: THE051/CON

Corcoran, Nóra Nuala (M.St., 2001)

Can a school intervention improve the attendance of persistently poor attendees in an inner city designated disadvantaged school?

Shelfmark: THE120/COR

Corcoran, Patrick. F. (M.Ed. 1998)

A survey of Dublin primary teacher attitudes to establishing a general teaching council in the Republic of Ireland

Shelfmark: THE100/COR

Corry, John Joseph (M.St., 2010)

The role of the primary school principal

Shelfmark: THE140/COO

Cosgrave, Caitríona (M.Ed., 2006)

Teaching physical education in Junior and Senior Infants: practices and perspectives

Shelfmark: THE121/COS

Culhane, Mary (M.St., 1999)

The selection of teaching staff in Catholic primary schools: a study in one diocese

Shelfmark: THE112/CUL

Déiseach, Cristín (M.Ed., 1997)

Forbairt agus tástáil eimpíreach ar phróifílí measúnachta le haghaidh labhairt na Gaeilge sa Ghaelscoil, naíonáin go rang a dó

Shelfmark: THE001/DEI

Delaney, Seán Féilim (Ph.D., 2008)

Adapting and using U.S. measures to study Irish teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching

Shelfmark: THE125/DEL

Drennan, Jonathan (M.Ed., 1997)

Diploma in nursing studies: an evaluation of the first yar curriculum

Shelfmark: THE108/DRE

Dunne, Declan (M.St., 2008)

Change from familiar to unfamiliar surroundings, a case study of transition from primary to post-primary school

Shelfmark: THE133/DUN

Dunne, Rosemary (M.Ed., 1993)

The dual task of the teaching principal

Shelfmark: THE104/DUN

Edge, Garrett (M.Ed., 1997)

Induction through mentoring of newly qualified primary teachers in selected Dublin schools: a case study

Shelfmark: THE002/EDG

Fay, Pat (M.Ed., 1998)

An evaluation of junior achievement economics programme with Transition year Business students

Shelfmark: THE086/FAY

Fitzgerald, Martin (M.Ed., 1998)

How can drama facilitate alternative ways of knowing among the students in my learning certificate applied class and what implications does this have for my professional practice?

Shelfmark: THE056/FIT

Gallagher, Kate (M.Ed., 1998)

How can I monitor and support computer based training efficiently and effectively?

Shelfmark: THE063/GAL

Gaughan, Linda (M.Ed., 1998)

Improving business processes through collaborative staff development

Shelfmark: THE059/GAU

Glavin, Timothy (M.Ed., 1998)

How can I improve my evaluative and advisory role in a primary school in Cork city?

Shelfmark: THE066/GLA

Gordon, Gerald (M.Ed., 1997)

How can I improve my understanding of my values from a consideration of my participation in a school based action research project (SBARP)?

Shelfmark: THE055/GOR

Hallinan, Neil (M.Ed., 1997)

What can I learn through working as Year Head with Sixth Year students which will aid their educational development?

Shelfmark: THE068/HAL

Harney, J.O. (M.Ed., 1974)

An empirical study of some factors of home environment and some cognitive and attitudinal variables associated with reading achievement

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The Maths problem-solving abilities of pupils with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

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How can I become a more effective adult educator and teach information technology appropriately?

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The work of the National School principal: a diary method study of Dublin principals

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Curriculum support teams as vehicles for the provision of in-career professional development professional development for second level teachers: a study of the use of a curriculum support team in the provision of in-career professional development for teachers of Leaving Certificate Business

Shelfmark: THE138/HYN#

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Paired reading and thinking: an intervention in a DEIS primary school involving parents as tutors

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An action research investigation into the impact of Information Technology on the teaching and learning of Mathematics

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Achieving relevance in the curriculum through school-based innovation: a case study in Primary School Geography

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How can I improve my work as a teacher of adults?

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Action research: the art of an educational enquirer

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The category of freedom in Helmut Peukert’s dialogue with the theory of communicative action

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Concepts of justice in a school community

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The realization of religious values in a Catholic High School

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How can I improve my effectiveness as principal of an infant school?

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A critical analysis of Irish Catholic voluntary postprimary schools

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How can I develop a self-monitoring stance towards my practice as a supporter to transition year in schools?

Shelfmark: THE057/MAC

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How computer training projects can address disadvantage

Shlefmark: THE049/MAS

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A personal exploration of an activity-based learning approach in a multi-grade junior class

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How can I help to make the introduction of the Leaving Certificate vocational programme a positive experience for the students?

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Towards the implementation of a system of teacher appraisal in Irish primary schools

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How can I evaluate my effectiveness as a teacher of adults?

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The emerging role of the IT co-ordinator –the ideal and the reality: a survey of Dublin post primary schools

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Teacher development at primary level: the impact of the Regional Curriculum Support Service for English
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The second gender: a study of the impact of a gender studies programme on a group of boys in a single-sex school

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Adult training and development

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The contribution of Dominican Sisters to education in the town of Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

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The alienation of travellers from the education system: a study in value orientation

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A case study on the effects of an in-service course in school-based planning on an urban primary school
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The preparation of an urban primary school curriculum for the new revised curriculum

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Growing into principalship

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Riachtanais Forbartha Gairmiúla Bunmhúinteoirí Gaelscoile

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Effective collaborative partnership in community education

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The first year of National School principalship: a case study

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How can I improve my teaching of adult students?

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A right to education in contemporary Ireland

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The role of the Deputy Principal in instructional leadership in the Irish primary school

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A study of an advisory council in a community school
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The role of Year Heads in the schools of one VEC: towards an improved role
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The practice and experience of supervision among counsellors and therapists in Ireland

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A study of the participation and perceptions of parents in the parent-teacher partnership in a voluntary secondary school

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The Salthill Idustrial School: a study of the industrial school 1870-1908

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‘How can I create a more effective learning environment for my pupils by improving my classroom management?’

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Effective school leadership: considerations for secondary schools in Uganda

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The teacher as researcher – the use of historical artefacts in primary schools

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The vocational dimension to education, the Irish post-primary curriculum and the effects of policies in 1930 and 1967 on this dimension

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How can problems associated with the implementation of the revised Visual Arts Curriculum (1999) be addressed from the teacher’s perspective?

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Parents in the Irish education system

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How can I improve the quality of CERT’s in-service provision for teachers of the level 2 programmes?

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B.Ed Dissertation examples


Banks, Niamh (2017)

How can relationships between the Irish primary school and Traveller children and their families impact on school attendance?

Shelfmark: THE 330

Brannock, Áine (2017)

An examination of the factors that impact on teachers self efficacy towards the inclusion of students with special education needs in the mainstream setting.

Shelfmark: THE 363

Gallagher, Sarah (2017)

An investigation into the influence of parental involvement on the academic development of students attending schools serving in areas of designated disadvantage

Shelfmark: THE 365

Hennigan, Zara (2017)

A critical examination of friendship development among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and educational supports for this development.

Shelfmark: THE 228

Kiley, Niamh (2017)

The role of visual arts in developing literacy skills in children with dyslexia in the mainstream primary school classroom.

Shelfmark: THE 360

Lawless, Aoife (2017)

An investigation of global citizenship education in the Irish primary school system.

Shelfmark: THE 229

Lucas, Sarah (2017)

Whether visual arts can be used to help develop social interaction and communication for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the primary school classroom.

Shelfmark: THE 362

McCabe, Catherine (2017)

An investigation into literacy instruction for exceptionally able students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Shelfmark: THE 365

McGuinness, Caoimhe (2017)

What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of attending a Forest Pre-school as opposed to a regular pre-sch0ol using the Aistear Curriculum Framework.

Shelfmark: THE 361

O’Connor, Denise (2017)

An investigation into how parental involvement impacts children’s engagement in mathematics in schools designated disadvantage status.

Shelfmark: THE 227

Rowan, Megan (2017)

An examination of the transition from mainstream primary to post-primary school for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, with a focus on the role of parents and their experiences of this process.

Shelfmark: THE 359

Soden, Gráinne (2017)

Investigating how the well-being of students in DEIs schools can be nurtured and promoted using mindfulness practice.

Shelfmark: THE 364

Woodbyrne, Ashley (2017)

The inclusion of children with mobility impairments; can the primary school facilitate this and are Irish primary school teachers adequately trained, supported and resourced?

Shelfmark: THE 288

Institutional repositories

Increasingly you will find online thesis portals and institutional repositories which provide abstracts (and sometimes full-text versions) of doctoral and research theses. Many of these are open-access and thus free to read - although normal copyright legislation applies. Below you will find links to some of the best national and international portals and a brief explanation of the content within and access rules for each.

TARA is Trinity College Dublin's Institutional Repository. MIE has a page in TARA where you can find the research of our staff. 

RIAN is the collective repository for the seven Irish Univerities and now harvests open access research materials from other major Irish repositories as well. 

DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses. The DART-Europe partners help to provide researchers with a single European Portal for the discovery of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs).

Ethos is the British Library's repository for research theses with over 400,000 doctoral theses. Download instantly for your research where full-text has already been made available. If a thesis has not been digitised you can request that it be made full-text for a fee.


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