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How to deposit material to MIE institutional repository

Learn how to deposit your publications to MIE's Open Access repository

MIE Collections in TARA

With the help of TCD Library, MIE Library has set up a page on TARA - Trinity's Access to Research Archive. This is an open-access platform where staff and research students can publish their work. TCD have chosen a Green Open Access policy which is also the route specified in the National Principles for Open Access Policy Statement and the route specified by all Irish funding agencies. Publishing open access increases the discoverability of your work, boosting your readership and impact, and increasing citations to your research. For more reasons why you should consider depositing your research in open access repositories like TARA, see the Benefits of open access to the left. Further down you'll find instructions on how to submit. 

Green open access

Green Open Access is achieved by depositing a copy of your work in an Institutional Repository. In Trinity’s case the repository is TARA. Most publishers do not allow authors to deposit the publisher’s pdf. Green Open Access deals with this and complies with most publishers’ copyright policies by asking you to deposit the Author Manuscript also known as the “Accepted Proofs” or “Postprint”. This form of Open Access is free to the author.

This platform represents the perfect opportunity for MIE academic staff to publish and promote their work on an open-access platform which links to their professional association with both MIE and TCD.

How to submit your research

Submitting to the Library

Submitting is easy, but we can't use the publisher's version of an article as this would contravene copyright in most cases. Unless your article was published in an Open Access Journal, we usually ask for a version of your paper that's been through peer-review but hasn't yet been copyedited, typeset or had metadata applied to it by the publisher (the accepted manuscript). If you're unclear about the policy of the journal you can get in touch with the Library and we can check for you. We are also happy to upload doctoral or research theses, conference papers, book chapters, and other materials to the repository. 

Submit your paper as normal to whichever journal you desire, be it an open-access journal, or a traditional subscription-based journal - try to retain copyright to your work where possible. 

Make sure to keep a final (peer-reviewed) version (the accepted manuscript) which you can submit to the Library, who will undertake copyright checking before uploading it to the MIE page on TARA. We can also link it to the publisher's version if you wish. Alternatively you can upload your research to TARA yourself if you have a TCD login. 

If at any time you need help, get in touch with


Submitting through TCD's RSS

If you have a TCD Log in, you can set up your own researcher profile and submit your papers and other research outputs through the Research Support System (RSS) into TARA. 

You will need to register with RSS first. 

  1. MIE staff members must register with the RSS If you do not know your username/password you will have to contact TCD IT services to get it reset.
  2. Once you have registered , Login to TARA to activate your profile.
  3. Email to be added as a submitter to MIE collections on TARA.

Which version of your paper to submit

Research repositories

Increasingly you will find online thesis portals and institutional repositories which provide not only abstracts but full-text versions of doctoral and research theses, as well as journal articles, reviews and monologues. Many of these are open-access and thus free to read - although normal copyright legislation applies. Below you will find links to some of the best national and international portals and a brief explanation of the content within and access rules for each.

TARA  is Trinity's Access to Research Archive or open access repository. Access is restricted only in unavoidable instances, for example where publisher copyright restrictions prevail. However over 90% of scholarly publishers worldwide now allow some version of the documents they publish to be made available in a repository such as this.

RIAN is the collective repository for the seven Irish Univerities and now harvests open access research materials from other major Irish repositories as well. 

DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses. The DART-Europe partners help to provide researchers with a single European Portal for the discovery of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). Theses submitted to TARA are automatically included in DART-Europe.


Ethos is the British Library's repository for research theses with over 400,000 doctoral theses. Download instantly for your research where full-text has already been made available. If a thesis has not been digitised you can request that it be made full-text for a fee.


Research@THEA is an open-access repository that was established in 2017. It was launched as a service for capturing, storing, preserving and showcasing the research output of all the Institutes of Technology in Ireland, whilst also providing a platform for their researchers/academic staff and students to publish and promote their work.

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