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APA Citation Style

Information and resources on citing and referencing using APA citation style

About this guide

Below you'll find general information about APA citation style, and in the tabs to the left you'll find FAQs about citing and referencing with APA Style as well as links to further resources and help. 

About APA Style

There are lots of different citation styles but Marino Institute of Education uses APA citation style. APA Style is an editorial style that many of the social and behavioral sciences have adopted to present written material in the field - including  the appropriate use of citations and references. APA's style rules and guidelines are set out in a reference book called The Publication Manual  of the American Psychological Association. Chapter 6 deals with crediting sources, and chapter 7 with references. 

The Library holds several print copies in long-loan at shelfmark: 808.06615/AME, and you can also find up to date and accurate information on the APA's official website, 


How to use APA citation style

The Conventions for scholarly referencing in Marino Institute of Education sets out MIE's institutional policy, describing how to avoid plagiarism and observe good scholarly practice by using APA citation style to cite and reference the sources you've used in your work:

 "The key features of the APA system of citation are in-text citation, and a list of references at the end of a paper, essay, article or assignment. Endnotes are not used and a bibliography (which lists resources other than those cited in the text) is not included. Footnotes, which provide clarification or additional information, may be used sparingly."  

You'll find the full text of this document below and brief guidelines on citing different types of material on the next page.

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